3PR Complete Real-Time Cooling System Control

fr-3PR-KO3PR provides optimal cooling system performance with revolutionary technology – customized for your needs. For the first time ever, you can now get a complete overview of your entire Ecodry and/or Heavygel central chiller system in real time. Offering full operating schematics that monitor pressures, temperatures, coolant levels, and reactive system and pump performance, 3PR allows you to make adjustments as you go. Take the guesswork out of troubleshooting and speed up service time with quick, accurate, real-time information. With intuitive controls and commands, including alarms and fault indicators, issues can be identified before they become widespread problems.

Preventative Maintenance & Remote Monitoring Capabilities

  • 3PR guides you to take pre-emptive measures to avoid “run to failure” mode
  • System control panel gives you the ability to connect to a higher building-wide monitoring system via Modbus RTU over Ethernet TCP/IP network
  • Designed to give remote, real-time monitoring capabilities to Frigel’s global service technicians at all times

Contact us today to start optimizing performance with 3PR Remote Monitoring capability for your process.

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