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Frigel is much more than a manufacturer of cooling and temperature control systems. We are technical consultants with the ability to identify the best solution, in terms of performance, efficiency, environmental impact and to calculate the return on investment for each individual application.

Besides having full knowledge of industrial refrigeration, we also know the various aspects of the production process and, therefore, we are able to provide our customers with unique and optimized solutions for each specific application, with advanced engineering solutions and a fast and efficient technical assistance service.

We offer solutions calibrated to the needs of each customer by studying innovative solutions, carefully designed and fully supported, to obtain the best results which are verifiable in terms of productivity, efficiency, quality and precision.


Engineering a more efficient and sustainable industry.


Be a global innovator of high performance, sustainable and quality engineered solutions for process cooling and temperature control technologies.

Duccio Dorin

Duccio Dorin


Since 1960: innovation
and internationalization


The foundation

1960 when everything starts

Frigel Firenze is born in a small plant in Sesto Fiorentino (FI), from the beginning dedicated to designing and selling cooling systems for the industry. In the '80s it was the first company to propose heat-exchanger fluid cooling with ambient air (Ecodry), thus starting a real revolution in the sector.


Ecodry System: the revolutionary plastic cooling system

In the early '90s Frigel, strongly believing in research and development, designs a new integrated cooling system specifically designed for the plastics industry. The Ecodry System is born, which has created a new state of the art, allowing thousands of users to obtain significant production improvements in quantitative and qualitative terms, as well as huge savings in electricity and water compared to traditional technical solutions.

Global expansion

Present on all the continents

After the creation of a global commercial network, in 2006 the development plan began with the creation of companies and production plants starting from:

  • 2007 New Florence office
  • 2008 Frigel North America (USA)
  • 2011 Frigel Asia Pacific (Thailand)
  • 2012 Frigel Latin America (Brazil)
  • 2013 Frigel GmbH (Germany)
  • 2017 Frigel Asia Pacific expansion
  • 2018 Frigel India
  • 2019 Frigel Eastern Europe Sp. Z O. O.

Total covered area 45,000 m2 (485,000 ft2)

New challenges

The group is strengthened through the integration of new businesses

In 2012, Frigel Custom Cooling Solutions S.r.l. (FCCS), operating in the production of plants, was established for refrigeration and air conditioning for the marine, oil & gas and energy sectors.
In 2014, Frigel Intelligent Energy Solutions was set up, whose object is the offer of integrated services for the realization and management of energy efficiency measures.
In 2018, Frigel took over 100% of the Paduan company Green Box S.r.l. with the aim of creating an increasingly important reference point in the industrial refrigeration and thermoregulation sector.

New sectors

Frigel's innovation conquers new industrial sectors

In 2017, the expansion project in the beverage sector is launched, thanks to an innovative evolution of the Ecodry System called synchronized cooling.
In 2018, expansion into the metals sector comes to life through a dedicated configuration of the Ecodry System for the die-casting industry.


We will always believe in innovation

The knowledge acquired over the years and the confrontation with new engineering challenges will be the basis for giving continuity to the research and development of pioneering solutions and for continuing the creation of new industrial standards.

Green Box

Green Box was founded in 1991 by technicians with a high level of experience in the field of industrial thermodynamic design and created a wide range of chillers and thermoregulators for controlling the temperature of water and fluids in industrial processes. The fundamental criteria of their designs are energy savings, customization, reliability over time, high efficiency, extreme ease of use, excellent accessibility to all components and modularity. Green Box researches and designs with customers solutions dedicated to their specific needs, with a goal of full and constant satisfaction and with the guarantee of both technical and commercial support services.

Our numbers

An important and constant growth during the last five years


Average annual growth

The success of the innovative solutions for the Plastic and Beverage sectors, the considerable internationalization efforts pursued on four continents and the recent industrial diversification in the Marine-Oil & Gas-Energy and Metals sectors have allowed us to achieve truly important and, above all, constant growth numbers during the last five years.

The growth in the number of customers and the results obtained by them with the installation of our innovative solutions are a source of pride and great motivation for us, which pushes us to strongly support our vision of the future of industrial refrigeration and thermoregulation.



They are getting the following benefits:



Of water saved equal
to the annual consumption of
400,000 inhabitants



Of electricity saved
amounting to 60,000 TOE
(tonnes of oil equivalent)



Increase in profitability for the reduction of operating costs
and increase in productivity

Global Presence

Our locations
in the world


Production sites

Production, Sales, Engineering, Service for a total of 50,000 m2 (540,000 ft2) covered area



Germany, Poland,
Italy (BS-PR)


Service points in the world

Production sites
Commercial branches

ISO Standards


Frigel Firenze S.p.A. is a certified company for Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Management Systems.

Quality Management System -  UNI EN ISO 9001

Quality Management System - UNI EN ISO 9001

Download the document
Environmental Management System - UNI EN ISO 14001

Environmental Management System - UNI EN ISO 14001

Download the document
Occupational Health and Safety Management System - UNI EN ISO 45001

Occupational Health and Safety Management System - UNI EN ISO 45001

Download the document


Whistleblowing Reports

​Frigel Firenze SpA adopts a process to manage whistleblower reports relating to the Company sent by Third Parties or by Frigel Firenze SpA Group Personnel. The process complies with the regulatory changes introduced by Legislative Decree No. 24 of 10 March 2023 implementing Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2019 on the protection of whistleblowers who report breaches of European Union law and on provisions for the protection of whistleblowers who report breaches of national laws (so-called “Whistleblowing Decree”).

Frigel Firenze SpA adopts a dedicated IT platform, which is the preferred channel for the sending of whistleblower reports. If you would like to file a report with Frigel Firenze SpA, please access the platform. You can download the policy document with a click on the button below.

Download the document


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