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Thermogel 90

Temperature control units
Indirect cooling pressure/vacuum up to 90 °C (194 ˚F).

Thermogel is a water temperature controller designed for general applications.

Termoregolare a raffreddamento indiretto fino a 90 gradi Frigel
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Durability and reliability

  • Possibility of continuous operation in vacuum thanks to the reversible pump.

  • Stainless steel main components for greater durability and reliability.

  • Minimal production floor space.


Indirect cooling

  • Resistance in stainless steel with low specific load.

  • Open tub in Incoloy.

  • Indirect cooling by high efficiency heat exchanger.

  • Automatic loading system.

Fields of application

Thermogel 90 for your industry



Process synchronized Cooling: innovation in the plastic industry

  • Reduction of cooling times.
  • Better quality of molded components.
  • Perfect repeatability and reduced costs and environmental impact.

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