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Integrated Cascade Refrigeration System

Energy efficiency and reliability.

The refrigeration of industrial processes has a very important impact on operating costs. Cascade refrigeration takes full advantage for processes characterized by high temperature differentials, allowing the cooling stages to work with highest evaporation temperatures, thus increasing energy efficiency by up to 50%.

Cascade Refrigeration System Frigel

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What is a cascade refrigeration system?

Plug & Play modular systems

It is an integrated refrigeration system designed to efficiently cool industrial processes with high temperature differentials.

Usually the system is composed of:

  • Two or more water-cooled (or air-cooled) modular chillers connected in series
  • Pumping stations and tanks for water recirculation, both in the chillers and in the utilities
  • Valves and accessories for checking and adjusting values
  • Microprocessor panel to control system functions

How does a cascade refrigeration system work?

The water coming from the process passes through all the refrigeration units connected in series, where it is cooled down to the set temperature and sent back to the process itself.

A central control device chokes the cooling power supplied by each module to keep the operating temperature constant, optimizing the energy efficiency of the system to the maximum.

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