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Compact Chillers for industrial applications

Modular Chillers

Flexible and powerful plug & play system.

The “plug & play” concept of modular chillers are specifically designed to build systems consisting of multiple units, capable of reaching high cooling capacities.

The two configurations are:

  1. Modular centralized cooling systems: single units connected in parallel to build up and eventually increase the refrigeration capacity
  2. Cascade cooling systems: individual units connected in series designed for cooling thermal loads at high ΔTs (thermal drops), capable of achieving energy efficiency unattainable by single-stage refrigeration systems
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What is a modular chiller?

Compact and efficient refrigeration

Single chiller modules, completely autonomous, super-compact, assembled and tested in the factory managed by a centralized controller.

They can also be water condensed or air condensed and equipped with:

  • A single refrigeration circuit with one rotary compressor with or without inverter
  • Brazed plate evaporator
  • Brazed plate condenser (water) or remote condenser (air)
  • Microprocessor panel for controlling the functions of each module

How modular chiller work?

Intelligent and reliable refrigeration

In both system configurations (in series or in parallel) the modular chillers are managed by a central control system. This device is used to partialize the cooling capacity supplied by each module to keep the required temperature constant, optimizing the energy efficiency of the whole system.

Being completely autonomous units, they offer a high reliability to the system in case of failure, as each chiller can be withdrawn and repaired elsewhere or completely replaced without stopping the entire system.

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