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The design, correct sizing and installation of pumping stations, storage tanks and filtration systems are essential for the proper functioning of a refrigeration system. Engineered systems, pre-assembled and tested in the factory, are the ideal solution to simplify and speed up assembly and commissioning of the system, also in view of future expansions.

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What is a pumping station?

Modular and automated pumping systems

There are 2 types of pumping groups:

1. Recirculation pumps: to continuosly recirculate the water in the cooling system to guarantee a constant flow rate, resulting in the highest operating efficiency.

2. Process pumps: to supply chilled water to the various processes and to the required conditions and can be complete with automatic filtering systems.

Pre-assembled groups are generally composed of:

  • Two or more pumps, with or without inverter
  • Suction and delivery connection manifolds, which allow to expand the capacity by adding additional pumps
  • Accessories and valves
  • A pump control system with automatic flow and pressure control

How pumping stations work?

Flow rates and pressures suitable for the process requirements

The pumping systems guarantee, in all operating conditions, the set pressure stability, adjusting the pumping capacity from 0 to 100%. Furthermore, each pump is an independent unit and, therefore, it can be repaired or replaced without stopping the entire system. The filtering systems, also automatic, are equipped with electronic pressure drop monitoring.

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