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Digital Control Devices

Real-time control, supervision and data acquisition.

From simple remote control of the operating parameters of the cooling system to the real-time acquisition of the energy consumption of each component, digital control systems must be able to manage data quickly and accurately, thanks to increasingly efficient solutions able to integrate with the corporate infrastructure, in line with the needs of the new Industry 4.0.

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What is a digital control device?

Everything under control

The digital control devices can be of 2 types:

1. Remote control panel: it allows to remotely control all the parameters of the centralized refrigeration system, such as temperatures, flow rates, pressures, consumption, etc. Furthermore, it can manage the system components (compressors, fans, pumps, etc.) according to the programmed control logics.

2. Digital supervision system: it is a digital integration platform for the entire factory. It allows communication, via serial link, with all plants (localized and centralized), ensuring remote supervision and acquisition of all data.

How digital controls device work?

The control panel allows the operator to supervise the operating parameters and the alarms of each component. Furthermore, it can connect to an external monitoring system and allow, in real time and at any distance, the remote intervention of technical assistance.

The digital supervision system guarantees remote access to the cooling system and allows for the supervision and acquisition of operating parameters, consumption and any preventive maintenance of all the components, both localized and centralized. Thus, it allows for optimization of the operating parameters of the systems, increasing performance and energy efficiency.

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