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Air Cooled Chillers

Simplicity, reliability and efficiency.

Whether you need to supply chilled water to a single process or build a high-power refrigeration plant for an entire plant, air-cooled package industrial chillers are the most common solution for simplicity, reliability and efficiency. These chillers are the most requested solution in many industrial sectors including: plastic, beverage, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, ceramic, galvanic, data center etc .

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What is an air cooled industrial chiller?

The reliable and effective cooling solution

The air-cooled industrial refrigeration units are pre-assembled and factory-tested package units, capable of guaranteeing high reliability under heavy duty peration with maximum functional efficiency, even in the worst environmental conditions.

Typically they are composed of:

  • One or two refrigerant circuits with rotary compressors, evaporators for cooling the water and finned pack condensers for the dissipation of heat into the air
  • Refrigerant gas charge based on operating temperatures
  • Axial fans for forced air convection
  • Complete hydraulic section with storage tank, recirculation pump and process pump
  • Microprocessor panel for automatic control of functions.

How air cooled chiller groups work?

Simplicity of operation

The air-cooled industrial refrigeration units have a very simple operating mode: the water returning from the processes passes through the evaporator by the recirculation pump.

Thanks to the heat exchange with the refrigerant gas, it is cooled and then sent to the storage tank from where it returns to the utilities through the process pump (in some applications the tank and the pumps are separated from the chiller).

The heat extracted is dissipated into the ambient air thorugh the condenser and the fans.

The set temperature is maintained by the control panel, partializing the cooling capacity supplied by the compressors based on the actual cooling load required.

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