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NETGEL - 3PR 4.0

Remote control platform

Remote control platform for centralized cooling systems.

The 3PR 4.0 control platform is a dedicated Frigel solution that provides complete control of Frigel central cooling systems.

All the connected central system equipments are controlled via a unique control panel, that has been designed specifically for Frigel systems.

The product platform is composed by two possible control panels:

  • Lite version
  • Premium version.

3PR 4.0 remote control panel frigel
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3pr4.0 remote control platform frigel


The 3PR 4.0 control panel provides the following advantages:

  • Flexible control with two possible versions (Lite and Premium)

  • Native integration with MiND® monitoring system

  • Unique central inferface for control of the cooling system

  • Easy visualization of the connected equipment

  • Alarm management and history

  • Clear 15,6” (for the Premium) or 7” (for the Lite) touch screen display

  • Multiple access levels


The 3PR 4.0 controller developed by Frigel offers a dedicated software which manages:

  • Adiabatic coolers : Ecodry 3DK, LDK, 4DK

  • Recirculating pumping stations

  • Process pumping stations

  • Self-draining system performance

  • Adiabatic and booster system functions

  • Tank levels and filter maintenance requirements

  • Industrial Chillers

  • Double System control

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Fields of application

Remote control platform for your industry


Plastic & Rubber

Process synchronized Cooling: innovation in the plastic industry

  • Reduction of cooling times.
  • Better quality of molded components.
  • Perfect repeatability and reduced costs and environmental impact.
Refrigerazione macchinari imbottigliamento

Food & Beverage

Process-synchronized Cooling. A paradigm shift in Food & Beverage.

  • Significant increase in productivity.
  • Total connectivity and automation.
  • Perfect repeatability and reduced costs and environmental impact.
  • Complete absence of ammonia.
cooling of process casting

Process Cooling


  • Reduction of cycle times.
  • Reduction of operating costs with lower energy consumption, water and maintenance.

Air Compressor cooling

Process Cooling

Closed loop water-based system using adiabatic coolers is the effective, efficient and sustainable cooling solution.

Data Centers

The most evolved free-cooling technology: customized solutions for data center

Data centre temperatures vary depending on the servers and type of cooling system, but temperature swings outside ASHRAE or design standards could have serious performance implications. Downtime at data centers is potentially catastrophic and every precaution should be taken to eliminate, or at least minimize, this threat.



Giving value to waste and reducing pollution are great economic and ecological opportunities. Biogas is an energy and economic resource with short pay-back time investments. Biogas cooling Biogas chillers manufacturer.

Gas Turbine Air cooling


Maximize Gas Turbine Power Output using a modular Adiabatic Cooling Chiller System built for the maximum operational efficiency.

Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC)

Optimized cooling solution and energy saving for a faster payback time. ORC is one of the most used solution to generate electricity from low temperature heat sources.

Power Grid


Effective cooling is an important task to make full use of the converter station and to improve the reliability of the system.

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