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Digital supervision system for plant control and optimization.

Our digital integration platform, coupled with central HMI and dedicated supervision software, allows remote access to the cooling system and real-time management of all significant parameters, simplifying maintenance and optimizing performance in a proactive way. In addition, the MiND® system is an innovative digital solution developed by Frigel to meet the growing needs of technologically advanced companies, to reach the standards set by Industry 4.0 and IIOT (Industrial Internet Of Things).

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Maximize performance and minimize consumption

  • Proactively optimize the performance of each machine and/or device.

  • Measure efficiency and operational consumption.

  • Simplify and speed up service interventions, even remotely.

  • Possibility of integrating the collected data with company supervision systems.


Efficient and secure data acquisition and communication

  • Remote control of machines with the possibility of changing working conditions.

  • Data collection and information from machinery in a local database.

  • Possibility of data access both locally and remotely.

  • Readings and saving of real time and historical parameters, alarms and events.

  • Possibility to connect with machinery and sensors not supplied by Frigel.

  • Possibility to collect consumption data of monitored machines.

Fields of application

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Process synchronized Cooling: innovation in the plastic industry

  • Reduction of cooling times.
  • Better quality of molded components.
  • Perfect repeatability and reduced costs and environmental impact.
Refrigerazione macchinari imbottigliamento


Process-synchronized Cooling. A paradigm shift in the Beverage Industry

  • Significant increase in productivity.
  • Total connectivity and automation.
  • Perfect repeatability and reduced costs and environmental impact.
  • Complete absence of ammonia.
cooling of process casting


A new cooling solution for the die-casting industry

  • Reduction of cycle times.
  • Reduction of operating costs with lower energy consumption, water and maintenance.


Dedicated cooling solutions for every industrial application

  • Increased productivity and reduced operating costs.
  • Minimal environmental impact.
  • Remote control of systems (Industry 4.0).

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