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Press Release | 01/10/2019
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Air-cooled IndustrialChiller

Frigel Group Introduces the MRS & MRM Air-cooled IndustrialChiller Product Line New additions increase user flexibility and maximize efficiency, while lessening environmental impact.

EAST DUNDEE, IL – September 26, 2019 – With the introduction of its MRS and MRM IndustrialChillers in 23 models with cooling capacities ranging from 13 to 169 kW (3.5 to 125 tons), Frigel Group now offers the broadest line of packaged air-cooled chillers in the industry. Each model, which can be installed indoors or outdoors (a unique feature for air-cooled chillers in the MRS size range) is engineered to give users in a host of plastics applications more options than ever for highly efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly cooling. Frigel Group is the world leader in Intelligent Process Cooling.

The MRS line of eight compact air-cooled chillers are rated from 13 to 75 kW (3.7 to 21.3 tons), while the MRM line of 15 air-cooled chillers are rated to deliver 90 to 580 kW (25.6 to 165 tons) of cooling capacity and both are available in a wide choice of configurations. MRS and MRM chillers are equipped with one to four high-efficiency hermetic scroll compressors per unit and feature world-class components, including all-aluminum microchannel condensers to minimize refrigerant charges and air flow pressure drops. In addition, the condensers can be easily cleaned with pressure washers, reducing maintenance costs and maximizing uptime. The use of R410A refrigerant provides an environmentally friendly cooling solution. Greater efficiencies are also achieved with a choice of vane axial condenser fans controlled by refrigerant condensing pressure, including:

  • AC: on/off asynchronous operation (above 41° F ambient temperature)
  • EC: brushless, continuous variable speed (at or below 41° F ambient temperature)
  • EH: brushless, continuous variable speed high pressure for indoor use with exhaust ductwork

This broad line of chillers also features stainless steel brazed plate evaporators, high-pressure and flow stainless steel pumps, automatic water filling and internal bypass circuits to protect the evaporators from dead-heading situations to ensure reliable operation. Additionally, the frames and access panels are galvanized steel, hot-coated with polyester powders.

MRS: Small Footprint; Wide Operating Temperatures

With small footprints, MRS air-cooled chillers are ideally suited for installation close to the processing machines – while also offering the widest operating temperature range available. The leaving water temperature (LWT) set point range is from - 5 to 25 °C (23° to 77° F) with glycol required below 10° C (50° F). These units also have a wide ambient operating temperature range from 0°C to 42.7°C (32° to 109° F) (down to 5° F with glycol).

Cooling capabilities range from 13 to 75 kW (3.7 to 21.3 tons) models available for use with open extrusion tanks – leveraging shell-and-tube evaporators and no tanks. The MRS chillers also feature single hermetic scroll compressors with hot gas bypass capacity control, large insulated galvanized tanks (stainless steel optional) and the option of pressurized or vented fill tank configurations.

MRM: High-Efficiency; Increased Connectivity

The MRM line of air-cooled chillers are engineered to deliver highly efficient operation in heavy-duty industrial applications. Additionally, the chillers offer a wide operating set point range from -5 to 25 °C (23° to 77° F) with glycol required below 10°C (50° F) – and also deliver increased system connectivity for reliable temperature control in the most demanding and extreme environments. Standard ambient temperature ranges from minus -10.56°C to 47.7°C  (13° to 118° F), with the opportunity to extend the range to up to 55°C (131° F) (glycol required below 32° F).

Multiple configurations are available, including units with one to four high-efficiency hermetic scroll or multi-scroll compressors with one or two refrigeration circuits. Fully packaged units include a process pump, an insulated, galvanized buffer tank (stainless steel optional) and optional evaporator pump. Units are also available for plug-and-play integration into expandable central systems utilizing Frigel Aquagel pumps, tanks and filters.

Increased connectivity through touchscreen microprocessor controls streamlines operations. Serial connection with the Frigel 3PR Intelligent Control System allows for monitoring and adjusting the system to ensure optimum performance based on a wide range of operating parameters, while also enabling remote monitoring by Frigel technicians when needed. The ability to connect to a digital supervisory system, such as Frigel MiND™, can further enhance system efficiency, performance and uptime.


Additional Opportunities

Both the MRS and MRM chillers offer options that optimize performance with real-time troubleshooting and automation. With greater control, companies are able customize their processes for each unique cooling need. For more information about the MRS and MRM chillers, or the full line of Frigel industrial chillers, call Frigel North America at (847) 540-0160. To learn about Frigel’s breadth and depth of solutions, visit www.frigel.com.

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