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NIS Pancevo Refinery (South Vojvodina, Serbia) cooled by CCS Frigel’s machines

Serbian rules compliant, Water Chiller Unit for Atex Zone II T3 supplied to Engie (ex Suez GDF)

The implementation of HVAC modules for hazardous areas implies stringent safety and prevention regulations.

According to the classification carried out by the European Union with the Atex directive - acronym of "ATmosphere EXplosive", or explosive atmosphere -, three types of zones are provided:

  • Zone 0: an area in which explosive atmospheres are present continuously or for long periods.
  • Zone 1: an area in which explosive atmospheres may be present, during normal operations. 
  • Zone 2: an area in which explosive atmospheres may be present, but only in infrequent cases or for short periods.

One of the recent supply of CCS Frigel regards the the manufacture of one Water Chiller Unit, specific for Atex Zone 2 T3. The T3 refers to the Class Temperature, which means 200 °C for the max surface temperature of the equipment, and >200 °C for ignition temperature.

In the case of Pancevo Oil Rafinery (Serbia), the external Ambient temperature can fluctuate from -27° to +40° C. The whole operation belongs to the refinery modernization program at NIS (€547 mln investment), that enables to produce Euro 5-quality petrochemical products IPPC compliant with European environmental standards. At the present, the refinery currently consists of an atmospheric crude oil distillation unit, hydrodesulfurization unit, gas treatment unit, naphtha redistillation unit, vacuum distillation unit, fluidised-bed catalytic cracking unit, bitumen unit, alkylation unit and sour water treatment unit. An aromatics extraction unit, vise breaking unit and merox units also make up the refinery.

The technical features of Water Chiller Unit - commissioned by CB&I and Gazprom - for Naftna Industrija Srbije’s (NIS) Pancevo refinery are:

  • Power supply: 400V / 3 Ph / 50Hz;
  • Casing & Base frame made in galvanized steel, ISO12944 C4 painted;
  • External & Internal panels made in galvanized steel, ISO12944 C4 painted;
  • Inspection doors window, Each section is provided with internal light;
  • Semi-Hermetic Screw compressors with part winding start;
  • Shell & Tube evaporator & condenser
  • Suction line thermal insulation
  • Fire & Gas Inlet / Outlet dampers damper with IP66 electric actuator;
  • Electrical equipment operating temperature range -30 °C - 50 °C;
  • Smoke detector, Centrifugal EEXd Fan;
  • Unit managed by Siemens PLC system ( S71500 ) made an On-board UCP panel Exd II 2GD Exd IIB + H2 T5 Gb/ IP65.

The US energy infrastructure provider CB&I has - in facts - signed last March a deal for the technology license and front end engineering design of a delayed coker unit at its Pancevo refinery with Serbian oil and gas company NIS [BEL:NIIS].

The CCS Frigel Water Chiller Unit are normally available for Safe Area, ATEX Zone 2 and ATEX Zone 1 and IECEx classified areas.

They can provide a wide range of cooling capacities up to 400 kW for Zone 1 and up to 800 kW for Zone 2. Units construction can be fully customized to match Customer's requirements and to suit the final installation conditions.

About the Plant

Naftna Industrija Srbije’s (NIS) Pancevo refinery is situated in South Vojvodina, Serbia. The refinery, which began operations in December 1968, has an annual processing capacity of 4.8Mt of crude. It produces petrol, diesel, jet fuel and fuel oil.

The NIS refining complex in Serbia has two refineries in Pančevo and Novi Sad. They have a combined maximum annual capacity of 7.3 million tonnes of crude oil. Total refining volumes in 2017 were 3.34 million tonnes, a one-percent increase year-on-year.

Capacity at NIS’ main refining facility — the Pančevo Refinery —allows it not only to meet all local demand in full, but also to export fuel to countries throughout the Balkans.

2017 saw work start on construction of a delayed coking unit at the facility — a key element of the “Deep Refining” project being implemented as part of the second stage of modernising refining capacity at NIS.

NIS’ Pančevo Refinery was the first energy business in Serbia to receive international IPPC accreditation, confirming its production processes’ compliance with European environmental standards. Since receiving this accreditation, the Pančevo Refinery has become one of the best production facilities in Europe.

NIS, majority-owned by Russia's Gazprom Neft, is one of the largest vertically integrated oil and gas companies in Southeast Europe. Its main activities include the exploration, production and processing of oil and gas, as well as the production and retail of a wide range of petroleum products.

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