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Microgel for extrusion

Temperature control units with incorporated water-cooled chiller for extrusion line cooling tanks.

Microgel RCX is an ultra-compact cooling unit designed specifically to “reduce cooling times” of pipe and profile lines. Microgel allows total flexibility, thanks to the individual control of the temperature of each cooling bath. Digitally synchronized with the process, it allows to search and store the best bath temperature in order to optimize the quality of the product, with the minimum possible cooling time.

Thermo Chiller Microgel
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Reduction of cooling times

  • Process-Synchronized Temperature Control.

  • Cooling time reduction and increased productivity.

  • Perfect repeatability.

  • Intelligent use of energy consumption.

  • High energy savings with automatic free-cooling.

  • Web-monitoring interface.


Ideal for extrusion

  • Wide temperature range: from 5 to 90 °C +/- 0.2 °C (41 to 194 ˚F +/- 0.5 ˚F).

  • Cooling capacity: from 8 to 100 kW (2.5 to 30 tons).

  • Heating power: from 6 to 24 kW.

  • Automatic Free-cooling mode.

Fields of application

Microgel for extrusion for your industry


Plastic & Rubber

Process synchronized Cooling: innovation in the plastic industry

  • Reduction of cooling times.
  • Better quality of molded components.
  • Perfect repeatability and reduced costs and environmental impact.

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