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Plastic | 17/06/2021

Italian excellence in injection molding of plastic product

Italian excellence in injection molding of plastic products. It is obtained thanks to the care and professionalism expressed by Ocsa in the design and construction of the molds and the relative conditioning through the Ecodrysystem cooling system.

The O.C.S.A. of Vicenza (Italy) produces plastic components for various industrial sectors including Automotive, Packaging and Technical Components in general.
Its production organization and its versatility allow it to satisfy any type of request in the various sectors of expertise.
Founded in 1969, the company has grown steadily over time and today, in addition to having a fleet of about 70 injection molding machines, it also has a department that designs and develops molds for special applications.
In the last few years it has invested heavily in technology and organization, also creating new production departments and today it can count on a production area of 8000 covered square meters.

O.C.S.A. in the past had relied on the solutions proposed by Frigel and recently commissioned the arrangement and optimization of the entire cooling system together with a new hydraulic system.
The goal is to achieve the following objectives:

  • Reduce operating costs in terms of energy consumption and maintenance
  • Optimize production in logistical terms

In particular:

  • Expansion of the cooling capacity of the adiabatic system dedicated to the technical molding  departments
  • Expansion of the cooling capacity of the adiabatic system dedicated to the packaging molding department
  • Completion and updating of machine-side chillers for each mould






Frigel proposed an ECODRY SYSTEM composed of:

  • ECODRY 3DK series self-draining adiabatic cooler working without glycol
  • Dual zone water-cooled refrigeration units of the MICROGEL RCD series for each mold
  • Dual zone TURBOGEL RBD series mold temperature control units

O.C.S.A. chose this cooling system based on the following points:

  • Optimization of production for the differentiation of work groups based on articles / types of plastic material, also obtaining a significant reduction in cycle times
  • Higher quality of the molded parts, thanks to repeatability and consistent cooling
  • Save electricity, reduce water consumption and maintenance costs by using the ECODRY Adiabatic System as an alternative to the centralized system consisting of refrigeration units. We have achieved, in particular, an electricity saving of about 30%





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