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Corporate | 23/04/2019

Frigel announces new subsidiary in Poland: “Frigel Eastern Europe Sp. z o. o.”

Strategic Investment gives Frigel Group direct access to Polish market demand for Intelligent Process Cooling Solutions in Plastics, Beverage and Die Casting industries.

24 / 04 / 2019 – Wielgolas Brzeziński – Poland.

Today Frigel announced the opening of a new subsidiary in Poland as another important step for its global strategic growth.

We have always considered Poland as one of the top industrial markets in Europe. Thanks to its large population, a growing economy and a very friendly business climate, we believe Poland has the potential to expand business further in the future years and become a leader country within the center/eastern European territory”, said Frigel CEO, Duccio Dorin.

This subsidiary will allow us to improve operations and better serve our customers in Poland, guaranteeing a continued and much faster local support and services.
Duccio Dorin, Frigel CEO

New operations are taking place at Wielgolas Brzeziński, and will be supporting three main Business Divisions: Plastics, Beverage and Die Casting.

Each division is already partnering with largely known local sales organizations:

  • Kanitech. for Plastics,
  • Forma Sp. Z o. o. for beverage,
  • Metals Minerals Sp. Z o. o. for Die Casting.  

The new subsidiary will be supporting locally Sales and After Sales services: from engineering, inside sales and logistics,  commissioning, installation and startups to training and local technical service, as well as a complete machine and spare parts stock.

About Frigel

Frigel is an internationally recognized process-cooling leader with almost 60 years of proven innovations and high performing cooling systems, having pioneered the concept of Intelligent Process Cooling.

Frigel is a leading brand with manufacturing, sales and service facilities around the globe servicing more than 8.000 systems installed.

The Frigel group includes the following companies:

  • Frigel Firenze S.p.A, (Scandicci, Firenze, Italy) Headquarter, Sales, Engineering, Service, Production
  • Frigel Custom Cooling Solutions Srl, (Lomagna MB, Italy) Marine, Oil & Gas, Energy Sales, Engineering, Service, Production
  • Frigel North America inc., (Chicago - USA) Sales, Engineering, Service
  • Frigel Asia Pacific Company ltd, (Bangkok - Thailandia) Sales, Engineering, Service, Production
  • Frigel Latino America Ltda, (San Paulo - Brasil) Sales, Engineering, Service, Production
  • Frigel GmbH (Rheinfelden, Germany) – Sales, Engineering, Service
  • Green Box Srl (Piove di Sacco, Padova, Italy) - Sales, Engineering, Service, Production
  • Frigel Intelligent Cooling Systems (Greater Noida, India, Join Venture with Matsui).

It also has a worldwide network of agents and distributors.

Frigel manufactures and markets integrated cooling systems made of a variety of parts such as the Ecodry adiabatic liquid cooler, Microgel chiller/temperature control units, Thermogel temperature controllers and Multistage cascade chillers, as well as a full array of industrial chillers, pumping and filtration equipment, all designed and engineered to fit specific applications, such as plastic molding, beverage preparation and filling,die-casting oil and gas. Frigel develops and customizes internally all microprocessor and PLC-based controls for all its products and solutions.

Customer productivity, efficiency and environmental sustainability are at the forefront of any solution developed by Frigel.

Subsidiary Poland Frigel

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