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Corporate | 01/08/2019
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Frigel goes live with new website

Customer’s needs are at the heart of the new website.

SCANDICCI (FL) ITALY – 1 August 2019

Frigel SpA renovates its website with a new focus: the customer’s needs. This new way of interaction between the user and the website is part of the Frigel philosophy: “Our innovation applied to your business”.

Based on that philosophy, Frigel has created the new layout of the website with the following in mind:

  • Ease of access to salient information regarding the Frigel products and the best cooling solutions, with each solution having been conceived and designed to be perfectly adjustable for the industry and specific business of the user.

Here’s how it works:

The innovative interface of the new website gives the user the chance to access, from the Home Page menu, its business and industry and to have a direct look at the best cooling solutions specifically engineered and dedicated to the selected field of application.

On the home page, under the drop-down menu “Your Business”, the user can choose between the 5 business areas that Frigel specializes in (Plastics, Beverage, Die-Casting, General Industrial, Marine Oil & Gas). Under the Plastics and Beverage businesses, the user can also then choose the exact market that the company serves, including automotive, packaging, medical and technical molding for Plastics and carbonated soft drinks, soft drinks and beer for Beverage.  

Every section has a detailed description of the products that best fit the needs of the user in that specific field of application and the performance and sustainability factors of those products, such as productivity increases, operating cost reductions and operational efficiencies. Moreover, in every Frigel technical choice, there is the aim of combining the improvement in performance with a reduction of environmental impact.

In the home page, the user can also choose to have an overview of all the available Frigel products, under the drop-down menu “Our Solutions”. Here the user can examine all the product families, how they function, and all the advantages and technical features related to them.

New website Frigel

Every product has been described through a high definition rendering that – using call-outs – describes all the features of the product and its advantages. In addition to that, at the bottom of the page, the user can find all the fields of application for every Frigel solution.

Not only is the new website developed in a responsive mode so that it can be visited on computers, smartphones and tablets, but it is also translated and localized in English, Italian and German, so that it can be internationally visited.

The Frigel aim is to be as close as possible to its customers and website users. That is why the contact section of the website has been updated to be more efficient than ever. The user can fill out a form, where it is possible to select the geographic area, field of interest and the office the user wishes to contact, to send the request to the dedicated help team. In addition to that and along with the restyling of the existing LinkedIn and YouTube social profiles, a new Facebook Page will be launched, in order to create a new channel of communication between Frigel and its customers.

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