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Corporate | 04/09/2023

Case story Biotecnogas

Custom-made biogas plants for more than two decades

Biotecnogas has been operating in the environmental sector since 2002 with the aim of providing tailor-made solutions for the use of biogas for the production of renewable energy from solid, liquid and biomass waste.

It has consolidated over the years by specializing in custom systems, created on the basis of the precise needs of the customer, by seeking appropriate and innovative technological solutions, very often designed for the specific system. Experience and extensive knowhow make Biotecnogas the ideal supplier, able to offer qualified consultancy and constant support, from design to commissioning.

Since its inception, Biotecnogas has relied on the specialized expertise and high-quality products of Green Box, a company in the province of Padua, which was acquired by the Frigel Group in 2019, and Biotecnogas maintained the collaboration, finding in Frigel a trusted partner who offered an even wider range of solutions than Green Box and an international partner, ready to invest in innovative, high quality solutions.

In the two geographical areas of EMEA and Asia, Biotecnogas has created important installations in Italy, Portugal, Spain, Tanzania and the Philippines, but it is above all in South America that the Biotecnogas brand has established itself as a market leader, thanks to installations in Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala and Mexico, all plants of considerable size, even up to ten times larger than those built in Europe.

In Italy we have built 1500-3000 Nm³/h plants, which are considered large. In Brazil we have built two plants sized for 30,000 Nm³/h.
Alessandro Peruffo, Technical Sales Manager

In parallel with the creation of turnkey systems, Biotecnogas also offers sections of plants and individual components, providing the engineering service necessary for identifying the characteristics suitable for each application.

We design and size the plant layout according to customer requirements but also according to precise parameters in order to make it modular and easily expandable.
Alessandro Peruffo, Technical Sales Manager

Frigel solutions

Frigel manufactures high-efficiency refrigeration units, designed for even the most demanding industrial applications. The programmable and integrated control system ensures reliable temperature control even in extreme environmental conditions. The Industrial Chiller MRM series offers 15 air-cooled models with capacities from 90 to 580 kW and Scroll / Multi Scroll compressors. LWT operating range -5°C to 25°C with ambient temperatures up to 55°C. Easily expandable and combinable with Frigel Aquagel pumping stations, tanks and filters.

The Industrial Chiller MRS series models have been designed with compact dimensions for a small footprint, suitable for internal and external installations. They are air-cooled chillers, with capacities from 13 to 75 kW and are equipped with scroll compressors. They are fitted with stainless steel water circulation pump, pressurized water storage tank, stainless steel plate evaporator and axial fans. Like the MRM series, the MRS can also be combined with Frigel Aquagel pumping stations, tanks and filters.

How does a biogas energy production plant work?

It is a controlled waste collection and accumulation system, designed in such a way that over time the organic part decomposes and is partially transformed into methane. In the following phase the methane is collected (aspirated) and it is at this point that two options present themselves: the first involves the disposal of the methane by burning it (so as not to pol-lute and eliminate the bad smell) thanks to the installation of torches (flame free or hidden flame). The other option involves the installation of a methane combustion engine, an electricity generator. This op-tion, although more complex, allows electricity to be produced and then resold by feeding it into the public grid. The owners of the system can therefore obtain constant revenues over the years, which cover the costs of the system itself.

To make the system compliant with standards, the transformation cycle must be made safe. This means installing extraction, cleaning and dehumidification systems using ad hoc designed solutions. For over twenty years Biotecnogas has chosen Industrial Chillers with Frigel technology for the particular gas cleaning/dehumidification process; of fundamental importance because it is necessary to obtain the correct quality of the methane gas which is subsequently burned in the electricity generator. A bad quality of gas, with impurities or excessive humidity would create continuous blockages or possible breakages of the generator itself.

By dehumidifying the gas we also eliminate some impurities. Frigel chillers have a decisive importance in ensuring that the process of creating electricity occurs correctly and productively.
Elena Reina, Technical Designer Manager

The Industrial Chiller by Frigel brings the biogas to a temperature as close as possible to 0°C. Normally, the process keeps the gas constantly at around 3°C, because at this temperature the humidity content is very modest. Along the way, the biogas is heated to 25-30°C, but the temperature does not cause any inefficiency because the biogas is completely dry, therefore ideal for burning, without penalizing the functionality and performance of the engine (generator).

If the chiller did not work correctly, there would be continuous malfunctions or blockages of the generator, which would lead to a strong reduction in energy produced and an increase in management costs.
Elena Reina, Technical Designer Manager

Biotecnogas has placed its trust in Frigel technology because, over the years, Frigel solutions have always offered maximum reliability and adaptability.

The Frigel machines seem to have been conceived and designed for our solutions and they match perfectly with the conditions of applicability of the systems we design.
Alessandro Peruffo, Technical Sales Manager

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