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Press Release | 16/07/2019
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3FR Air-Cooled Chillers: Efficiency, Modularity and Digital Control

Frigel Group Introduces 3FR Modular Air-Cooled Chillers to Bring Greater Efficiency, Modularity and Digital Control to Industry Standards Plastics processors now have access to leading 3FR Modular Air-Cooled Chillers.

The split-system chillers feature an indoor chiller module and outdoor remote condenser, ultimately reducing the system footprint inside the plant. The units are ideal for processors looking to reduce costs and increase efficiency through a streamlined solution that eliminates the need for a cooling tower system, or the need for glycol.


Each unit provides an unmatched level of flexibility that supports plastics processors with an efficient, cost effective solution. Frigel’s 3FR chillers represent an evolution of an industry standard, leveraging the company’s expertise in intelligent process cooling to bring users increased modularity, efficiency and digital process cooling integration.


Modularity: Frigel’s 3FR units are designed as a plug-and-play modular refrigeration solution that offers maximum cooling capacity compared to the footprint, high installation flexibility and high reliability – all in a format that can be easily installed and expanded as needs evolve.

Efficiency: Each 3FR unit includes a high-efficiency screw compressor with variable capacity modulation and is also available with an optional inverter drive that offers continuous modulation from 25 to 100 percent, adjusting to cooling load demand and improving efficiency by preserving energy under variable load conditions. The 3FR is ideal for applications in which efficiency is a priority, supporting operations that need a steady temperature rather than variable temperature needs.

Digital controls: The chiller’s microprocessor controls perform self-diagnostics and provide remote control capability to help operators monitor system performance at all times – including energy consumption - while further ensuring peak performance and maximum uptime.

Modular 3CR remote condensers: Each 3FR module has a companion remote Frigel 3CR outdoor condenser equipped with one to seven axial fans available with either on/off or variable speed control. These units are uniquely designed for outdoor use in harsh ambient conditions, including complete stainless steel frames and copper tube/aluminum finned heat exchange coils.

Fully tested: The 3FR and companion 3CR modular systems are factory tested prior to shipment and are fully charged with refrigerant at the factory and include isolation valves and flanges, for quick and inexpensive installation.

“Split-system chillers have been a staple in our customers’ manufacturing plants for years, but never did these units come with the host of benefits Frigel now brings to the market for an even higher level of intelligent process cooling”, said Al Fosco, Marketing Manager, Frigel North America. “We’re combining modularity and efficiency with advanced digital controls, ensuring that these air-cooled chillers are working smarter, not harder, for our customers.”

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