Engineering & Design

Engineered to Make the Best Results Easy for You

Upgrading? Expanding? Building new? Whatever your project goals are, adding new process cooling equipment is a crucial part of the undertaking. That’s why Frigel has refined a robust process of engineering and design to ensure success from start to finish.

For decades, our engineering team has been confronting the unique needs of customers just like you. We’ve built a culture of innovation that encourages creative thinking and works fast to bring you process cooling advancements that support your success.

Here’s a look at the expert, consultative approach you can expect from us.

Expert Design. Rigorous Planning. Flawless Delivery.

Custom designCustom design. It starts with a full survey and technical analysis of your facility. From there, we tailor a complete solution from an array of modular process cooling technologies. To help reduce your costs, Frigel engineers are adept at using existing cooling components such as pumps and tanks when possible, and our products are designed to be adaptable to varying situations.


Planning and preparationPlanning and preparation. To bring you just the right process cooling equipment with minimal disruption to your operation, our engineers apply meticulous attention to every detail. Drawings, manuals and all related documents – regarding piping, electrical, etc. – are precise and comprehensive, leaving no questions unanswered for installation. For example, your Frigel system will include 3D SolidWorks™ modeling, as well as detailed interconnecting and plant piping schematics (P&ID), so you and your staff can truly understand and visualize how your system will integrate with your facility.


InstallationInstallation. The single set of uninsulated pipes involved with closed-loop process cooling already makes Frigel products easier to install than traditional cooling tower and central chiller systems. In addition, applying our company’s 50-plus years of experience, the Frigel team quickly identifies all potential installation challenges. Maximizing uptime is a key issue, and we offer flexible options to accommodate continuous operation on the way to a better-performing process cooling system. That’s true whether we’re managing the turnkey installation of your system with qualified independent contractors, or you’re doing it yourself or with your own contractors using our comprehensive drawings and directions.