proven-reliabilityProcess Cooling Doesn’t Have to Be a Hassle

Frigel’s closed-loop process cooling system keeps the water clean and components scale-free while minimizing chemical treatment.

That means the entire system requires significantly less maintenance and offers far greater uptime performance than conventional evaporative cooling tower systems – cutting maintenance time by up to 40 hours per month. We’ve got process cooling covered, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

You Need Uptime without a Doubt, around the Clock

Manufacturers around the world count on us for durable cooling equipment supported by an ISO 9001 certified quality system. Performance-optimizing tools such as our Internet-based remote monitoring technology also make it easy to maximize equipment uptime and lifespan. Just as important, you can turn to us for a custom configuration that meets your unique application requirements, including full startup support to help make the most of your new system; and rapid, local response to any service need.

Engineering and Design

Get a closer look at the rigorous approach that ensures you get the best results from start to finish. More