Portable Chillers and Temperature Control

Portable Chillers & Temperature Control

Plastics and rubber machine-side chilling and temperature control units (TCUs) from Frigel deliver cooling water at precise temperatures to your mold.

Compared to a central chiller, which uses large amounts of energy to keep water at one set point throughout the system, machine-side compact chiller units optimize temperature control at each mold – resulting in better part quality, less scrap and cycle time improvements of up to 20 percent.

Optimized for the unique requirements of your plastics application and operation, these portable water chillers support higher quality along with lower water and energy use.

More Consistent. More Efficient. More Adaptable.

  • Engineering support that’s laser focused on maximizing mold performance
  • Better part quality through independent temperature control of each mold
  • Expandability with a modular approach that allows you to add units easily

 Microgel Chiller / TCU Combinations

Microgel Chiller / TCU Combinations

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Turbogel Temperature Control Units

Turbogel Temperature Control Units

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HB-Therm Temperature Control Units

HB-Therm Temperature Control Units

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