Central Cooling Systems

Fully Integrated Central Chilling

Frigel’s integrated, modular central cooling systems are custom-engineered to optimize performance in your application and your facility.

Some of the world’s top-performing companies are turning to us for our innovative technical leadership to help them move beyond conventional cooling tower and central chilling systems, and toward verifiably better results – in efficiency, water use, uptime and nearly every other measure that matters.

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The Ecodry Closed-Loop Cooling System

The Ecodry Closed-Loop Cooling System

An adiabatic dry cooling process proven to be more precise, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. More

Heavygel Central Chillers

Heavygel Central Chillers

Compact, efficient air or water cooled equipment up to the challenge of the most demanding cooling requirements. More

 Aquagel Pumping & Filtration Equipment

Aquagel Pumping & Filtration Equipment

Powerful and durable components that offer everything you need to complete your system. More


3PR Real-Time System Control

Real-time monitoring capabilities to make immediate adjustments and optimize cooling system performance. More


 PMR Central Control System

PMR Central Control System

The easiest way to get the best performance out of your process cooling system, no matter where you are. More