Process Cooling for Plastic Extrusion

Plastic extrusion applicationsSmart plastic extrusion companies choose Frigel, along with our patented Ecodry closed-loop cooling technology, for superior efficiency, uptime and performance that have been proven over 50 years and 10,000 installations worldwide.

Providing clean water and tight temperature control for cooling machines, chill rolls, air rings, air compressors, pipe/profile tanks, etc., Frigel helps extruders maximize reliability and precision for a clear edge in productivity over traditional cooling tower and central chiller systems.

Key Advantages


Low Operating Costs. With power consumption of 0.015 kWhr/kW (0.05 kWhr/ton), as well as “free cooling” opportunities, the Ecodry system saves money for extruders every day.


Higher Productivity. The modular system’s accurate control of temperature for your extrusion lines means more precise cooling.


Simple Installation. With one single set of non-insulated pipes – and no need for gravity returns or underground “pools” – it’s easy to start enjoying the benefits of Frigel’s closed-loop cooling technology.