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The new CCS Frigel’s software “E-HouseSelect” next to be released.

Designed by CCS Frigel’s engineers, a new web-based and user friendly tool will allow to forecast the proper thermal loads of the E-house, suggesting the more suitable solutions of HVAC.

Nowadays, prefabricated modules for the containment of power/control electrical panels are gradually replacing concrete buildings in Chemical, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas and Power plants in the world.

Motivations can be several, such lower cost of construction, easier installation on site and reduced wastes of local resources.

The prefabricated modules are mainly distinguished by the type of service required for the installed electrical panels, such as: Gas turbine local control rooms, Field Auxiliary Rooms, Local Instrument Rooms, Power Substations, VFD Shelters, Analyzers. Majority of such applications can stand under the  E-House definition.

After years of expertise in the field of E-House the “E-HouseSelect” software has been developed by CCS Frigel’s engineers, in order to obtain a quick and reliable estimation of E-House HVAC needs.

E-houses have peculiar characteristics such as presence of battery room, overpressure, fresh air requirements and clearance of doors that may create a significant impact on HVAC requirements.

Programs available on the market make the application on E-House long, unnecessarily  complicate and neglecting the effect of pressurization and doors clearance.

Frigel CCS has created this software to provide an intuitive, fast and stand-alone tool for the calculation of E-House HVAC system, reducing working time to get the data print-out passes from 6-8 hours to 10-15 minutes.

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