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Customized solutions to guarantee maximum energy efficiency and absolute reliability.

Plant safety, system life span, process efficiency and customization are peculiar characteristics of the reference sectors. Regulations and project specifications play a fundamental role in the constant process of raising construction standards. Frigel meets these needs with a proactive business approach that translates into a distinctive element. The method, defined by us as “FULL CONFORMITY”, a business modus operandi that is applied until the phase of preparation of offers, it guarantees that conformance to all the criteria set forth in the regulations applicable to the territory, to the product and to the project are recognized and effectively applied. The management of each project, also attributable to each single machine, allows our customers to constantly monitor the progress of the supply and the customizations adopted, starting from the first design stages to testing. The company’s know-how in terms of streamlining processes and products, also matured in other sectors, is personalized and transferred to the products, systems and services offered in this sector. The continuous transfer of knowledge and experience, transversal to sectors and applications, present in the Frigel group, allows a continuous increase in the skills and internal quality standards, essential to give an adequate response to technically complex markets.

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