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Plastic | 21/04/2021

Record of cooling efficiency in small available space SMP German

Our Heavy System: the cooling solution beating efficiency records, this time within a challenging small available space and - jewel on the crown - a bid of high precision Mold Temperature Control Units (MTCUs).


SMP Meerane located nearby Dresda (D) is part of Motherson Group a market leader Indian Headquartered automotive Tier 1 running plants all around the world and here producing parts for important car manufacturers such, but not limited to, bumpers for Porsche, VW, BMW etc.
SMP is by the way a partner of Frigel through a JV with Frigel India.


Frigel recently sold them a completely new cooling system composed of self-draining Ecodry adiabatic cooler in combination with compact high efficiency 3FX water cooled chillers, including Turbogel units for accurate mold’s temperature control.

Key points for this choice were:

  • Increased system efficiency: replacing old water-cooled chillers with new high efficiency ones featuring inverters on each compressors and winter free-cooling, allowed for important energy savings. Thanks to system design total or partial winter free-cooling are granted for ambient T < 15°C representing approx. 65 % of the year in the installation location.
  • Increase cooling capacity: new coming Injection Molding Machines were imposing the rethinking of the cooling system and the choice for 3 x 3FX in parallel was representing the way to secure the system with higher cooling capacity and redundancy. A thermal load of approx. 1.000 kW was calculated.
  • Thanks to the possibility of running the Mold Temperature Control Units (MTCUs) with set points close to the central cooling temperature, T set point for chiller water was increased to 20°C (higher in the future) form previous 10°C, thus representing an additional energy efficiency step.
  • No glycol way: possibility to work without glycol thanks to proven reliable self-draining technology and design was highly appreciated.
  • Target to use existing available space on a mezzanine.















Retrofit of central cooling system in terms of efficiency, available cooling capacity because of arrival of new Injection Molding Machines revising all the distribution piping for a better cooling water distribution with new reliable full flow filtering.


To date, Ecodry is a 3DK 102 EC model with 20 fans in combination with 3 x 3FX 325 SC with inverter and all needed accessories (GPS, KTF, GPV with Grundfos pumps and inverter on each of them, GPR, 3PR and MiND supervision system). Above system is completed by 8 x RBM 130/48 HP EX, also with flow meters and inverter process pumps with adjustable revolution speed through Engel interface, servicing the Injection Molding Machines.
Couple of Microgel are granting some additional users to run at lower T set, without lowering the set of the central system itself.
Last but not least, new piping and filtration with KTF, were also realized.








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