Customer Case Studies

Sirap Gema

Verolanuova, Brescia, Italy

Sirap Gema Case StudyWith the clear intention of further improving its process consistency and overall quality, Sirap Gema sought a closed-loop water cooling system upgrade that would enhance the precision of its temperature control. Simultaneously, replacing its antiquated cooling tower system would greatly reduce water consumption, ensure compliance with environmental regulations and slash maintenance costs. To capitalize on the reliability, quality and consistency improvements that an adiabatic closed-loop cooling system delivers, the company turned to a name it could trust – Frigel.


Rapidly improving quality and reducing costs, Frigel’s Ecodry systems allow the plant to control water temperature consistency in order to (in comparison with its old system):

  • Consume 95% less water with an anticipated savings of 14,000 cubic meters/year
  • Reduce energy consumption by as much as 30%
  • Decrease costs associated with chemicals required for water treatment by 90% percent
  • Lower maintenance costs by 70% due in part to the elimination of issues associated with limescale and corrosion

“The process stability we’re achieving – particularly in the densification of polystyrene – is critical to our success. The water temperature consistency provided by Frigel’s Microgel units has allowed us to increase the level of product quality.”

Luca Zanardi
Technical Director, Sirap Gema

Sirap Gema Case Study

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