Case Studies & Testimonials

Inside Stories of Process Cooling Success

As the industry leader in process cooling innovation shown to maximize uptime, efficiency and sustainability, Frigel is the right partner for top manufacturers pursuing operational excellence. Explore these process cooling case studies and videos to learn more about some of the many customers who have built a stronger competitive edge by partnering with us.

Video Interviews

No More Cooling Tower Hassles - Allen Trost

‘No More Cooling Tower Hassles’

Allen Trost, Plant Manager  
S. K. Plastic Molding

‘A Totally Different System’ - Steve Streff

‘Cycle Time Improvement’

Steve Streff, President
S. K. Plastic Molding

Virtually Eliminates Maintenance - pete eleuteri

‘Virtually Eliminates Maintenance’

Pete Eleuteri, Plant Manager  
Pollmann North America


‘Cycle Time Improvement’

Bill Ruba, Vice President of Manufacturing
Central Can

Customer Case Studies

Cormack Case Study

Cormack Packaging

Sydney, Australia

The manufacturer of packaging solutions improved overall water and energy efficiency for an overall increase in production efficiency. MORE

Superior mold casing case study

Superior Mold

Los Angeles (Ontario), USA

The plastics molder earned an energy rebate and saved dramatically on water consumption. MORE

MacNeil Automotive Products

MacNeil Automotive Products

Chicago (Bolingbrook), USA

The auto accessories maker achieved energy savings and improved cycle times. MORE

Central Can Company

Central Can Company

Chicago, USA

The container maker, now a division of BWAY Corporation, improved cycle times and significantly reduced water and energy use.  MORE

C&G Mercury Plastics Case Study

C&G Mercury Plastics

Los Angeles (Sylmar), USA

The plastics manufacturer achieved consistent product quality by avoiding potential issues created by contaminated process water. MORE

Sirap Gema Case Study

Sirap Gema

Verolanuova, Brescia, Italy

The packaging producer enhanced temperature control consistency, drastically reducing water, energy, chemical treatment and maintenance costs in the process. MORE

Polymer Conversions Case Study

Polymer Conversions

Orchard Park, NY, USA

The company gained a higher degree of precision in process cooling, further cementing its reputation as a leader in the design and development of Critical-To-Life™ parts, in addition to serving as an environmentally-conscious leader. MORE

SELA Inc. Case Study


York, SC, USA

The producer of liquid sampling devices achieved more consistent temperature control, eliminated water waste, and maintained high product quality while increasing throughput – and still saved thousands on water, energy, and maintenance costs. MORE

Royal Interpack Case Study

Royal Interpack N.A. Inc.

Riverside, CA, USA

The food packaging company improved throughput on its extrusion lines while also maintaining quality and saving energy operation-wide in keeping with its sustainability goals. MORE

Pyramid Mold & Tool Case Study

Pyramid Mold & Tool

Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA

The moldmaker streamlined its mold testing process, in turn, improving the bottom line. MORE

D6 Case Study

D6 Case Study

Portland, OR, USA

The thermoformer and think-tank group was able to meet an aggressive deadline for opening its new facility – and continue to set the pace for quality production-grade prototype molds and parts. MORE