Customer Operating Benefits

How Intelligent Process Cooling Is a Competitive Weapon

If you demand excellence throughout your operation, then you’ll appreciate the advantages that advanced process cooling from Frigel can bring compared to cooling towers and other traditional approaches.

Take a closer look at the key ways some of the world’s top-performing manufacturers benefit from moving beyond traditional cooling systems, and toward verifiably better results – in efficiency, water use, uptime and nearly every other measure that matters.

Enormous Amounts of Water Saved per Year

The following numbers represent the average annual water use for a 350 kW (100 ton) cooling system.

Traditional cooling tower: 4 to 5.5 million liters (1 to 1.5 million gallons)

Ecodry closed loop: 75,000 to 150,000 liters (20,000 to 40,000 gallons)

Result: The Ecodry reduces consumption by over 4 million liters (1 million gallons) of water/year.

Click here for a sample analysis of a real Frigel customer’s water savings after replacing a cooling tower system.

Up to 95 Percent Energy Savings Compared to Air Cooled Central Chillers

The Ecodry uses an ambient air system, delivering energy savings through the use of variable speed fans only when needed, low thermal losses, efficient motors and intelligent control systems – along with free coolingcapability when conditions permit.

Air cooled central chiller: 0.34 kWhr/kW (1.2 kWh/ton)

Ecodry modular system: 0.0085 kWhr/kW (0.03 kWh/ton)

Result: A similarly sized Ecodry cuts energy use by up to 97.5 percent.

More Uptime – and 40 Fewer Hours Maintenance per Month

Because the Ecodry closed loop system keeps cooling water clean and components scale-free, the entire system requires significantly less maintenance than open cooling tower systems.

Plus, the single set of uninsulated pipes associated with Frigel systems makes initial installation easy and economical.  As a result, your operation stays running around the clock, working wonders for productivity and profitability. Hear more about these advantages from a Frigel customer.

Rapid ROI from Cost Savings

The significant water and energy savings enabled by Frigel process cooling technology, coupled with lower installation costs compared to traditional systems, provide fast returns on investment.

Here’s just one customer’s example:

  • $117,745 (USD) in savings per year, including water, energy and maintenance cost savings
  • Full ROI in just over two years

Maximizing Productivity & Profitability

Shorter cycle times. In conjunction with a Microgel or Turbogel, the Ecodry system delivers precise and consistent temperature (±1° C / 2° F)and pressure at each molding machine, helping reduce cycle times by as much as 20 percent—and leading to greater productivity and machine capacity.

Less scrap. The Microgel and Turbogel’s ability to provide precise water temperatures and flow to each mold also creates an environment where there is less scrap and fewer bad parts, enabling significant material savings.

Expandability to Grow with Your Needs

The modular approach of the Ecodry closed-loop system offers:

Simpler installation. A single set of uninsulated pipes, along with the ability to work with existing pumps and filtration equipment when possible, makes adding to your system a snap.

Smaller footprint. Compact units can be placed close together with space-saving roof panels and extended support legs, making it easy to make room for future additions.

Convenient components. The Aquagel line of durable pumping and filtration equipment is designed for easy expansion of your system.