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How the Ecodry Closed-Loop Dry Cooling System Works

By taking advantage of the ambient temperature and without the utilization of compressors, the Ecodry system represents the simplest, most efficient, clean, safe and affordable equipment for any process or facility requiring water cooling at temperatures of 30°C (85°F) or higher.

Through a single set of uninsulated pipes, the water returning from the process is pumped into heat exchangers and cooled with ambient air flow. There is no process water evaporation in this closed system. As a result, it provides clean water at the right temperature to process machines year round.

Watch this digital animation to see the whole Ecodry process in action

Maintaining Water Temperature at Setpoint with Internationally Patented Adiabatic Cooling

What makes the system smarter begins with a closed-circuit adiabatic fluid cooler, in place of a traditional cooling tower.

  1. When the ambient air temperature increases, the patented adiabatic chamber activates
  2. Water from a secondary source is “pulsed” into the lower chamber, and the resulting humidified air drops the closed-circuit cooling system water temperature to at or below set point, even with ambient temperatures as high as 50°C (120°F)
  3. To ensure consistent cooling, the PMR control system continuously adjusts the amount of water sprayed, as well as the fan speed. The heat exchangers, meanwhile, remain completely dry.

Under cold weather conditions, Frigel offers glycol or self-draining water units for freeze protection.

Other Energy Efficiency Improvements

A variety of features make the Ecodry system more energy efficient than cooling tower systems.

  • Free cooling when set point and local ambient conditions permit – saving up to 80 percent on energy costs and improving processes, positively impacting productivity
  • Advanced controls that make constant system adjustments
  • Brushless, variable speed motors that power the fans with automatic speed control

Machine-Side Cooling to Maximize Plastics Processing

Alternatively, you can use the Ecodry with individual Microgel (combination chiller/temperature control unit) or Turbogel (TCU) machines to achieve accurate temperature control with minimal temperature variation at each machine.

In that case, a single set of uninsulated pipes supplies the cooling water, without heat gain, to each machine. By controlling temperature and providing optimum flow and pressure at the point of use, you conserve energy and optimize molding efficiency.