Efficient, Sustainable Industrial HVAC Systems

For your industrial and commercial HVAC needs, Frigel engineers and manufactures complete systems that deliver better results than cooling tower and even other central chiller and closed-loop adiabatic systems. Partner with us to improve efficiency, sustainability, durability and nearly every other measure that matters.

How It Works: Inside the Ecodry 3DK HVAC System

The 3DK brings you the world’s most efficient cooling – configured to your exact needs.

Unlike with a cooling tower, there’s no evaporation of system water in the Ecodry closed loop. So you reduce water use by up to 95% while eliminating the threat of Legionella and other waterborne illnesses.

The Ecodry 3DK also improves on other adiabatic systems on the market, offering three phases – dry cooling, adiabatic cooling and adiabatic with booster – that adapt to changing needs.

Watch an Adiabatic Booster System animation.

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  • Conserving Resources, Eliminating Legionella

    The closed-loop Ecodry system means:

    Eliminating dangerous waterborne diseases such as Legionella

    Little to no chemical treatment needed

    Compliance with increasing environmental regulations

    Support for your Green Star Rating efforts

  • Flexibility to Fit Your Space and Climate

    Frigel has addressed adaptability throughout the system.

    Modular, compact and easily expandable for your current space, and future needs

    Varying control options to interface with your Building Management System

    3-phased approach allows for an optimized system with your microclimate in mind, even in ambient conditions over 40°C

  • Local HVAC Expertise, Global Support

    Count on Frigel to provide everything you need for a hassle-free experience that saves you time and costs.

    Over 10,000 global installations, 50+ years of experience, regional manufacturing and 2 Australia locations to support your cooling needs

    Facility and microclimate knowledge allowing for reliable system optimization

    Training and support for your proven, easy-to-use system

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