Injection & Blow Molding

Process Cooling for Injection, Blow Molding & Thermoforming

Injection molding applicationsRight now, thousands of injection, blow molding and thermoforming manufacturers are benefiting from the efficiency, uptime and cost savings of closed-loop process cooling technology from Frigel.

The Ecodry system – with integrated adiabatic fluid cooler and machine-side Microgel chiller and temperature control unit combinations or Turbogel TCUs – is proven to help you reduce cycle times and get the highest productivity from your molds while consuming far less energy.

Key Advantages


Energy Cost Reduction. The Ecodry system can help by reducing energy costs associated with plastics process cooling by up to 95 percent compared to air cooled central chilling systems.


Water and Environment Conservation. Unlike cooling tower systems, process water doesn’t evaporate in the Ecodry closed loop system, delivering water savings of up to 97 percent. Plus, the water is never exposed to outside elements, providing a big boost to sustainability efforts.


Repeatability. Providing control and recordability of water temperature, flow and pressure at each machine, and the ability to preheat, fill and drain molds automatically, Frigel process cooling technology makes it easy for you to get reliable, predictable results every time.