What do you get when the global industry leader in process cooling technology meets market leaders in the beverage industry?

An opportunity for true innovation.

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Frigel brings its reputation of delivering efficient, reliable and safe process cooling solutions to a wide range of beverage cooling applications that require zero contaminants and precise temperature control, including:

  • Wort cooling
  • Yeast cooling
  • Fermentation
  • Maturation
  • Syrup cooling
  • Carbonation
  • Pasteurization
  • Cooling tunnels
  • Etc.


With Frigel’s pioneering cooling system technology, beverage production and packaging operations can reach new levels of efficiency, reliability and safety. As a global presence with local technical support, Frigel offers optimal energy and water conservation while eliminating costly operating and maintenance requirements often associated with the cooling process.

What if you could…


Save 30% – 65% energy?

Conserve 95% water?

Cut chemicals by 50%?

Lower maintenance by 40 hours/month

Completely eliminate ammonia and all associated costs?

With Frigel, you can.


After 5,500 installations worldwide, our equipment is proven. We remain dedicated to providing the highest quality possible in all our products, ensuring top performance throughout the lifespan of our equipment.

  • The closed-loop technology continuously recirculates clean water, does not use ammonia, and eliminates airborne diseases like Legionnaires’, keeping it safe for employees, users and the environment while decreasing liability and overall cost.
  • High-grade nonferrous construction provides long-lasting durability, minimal maintenance and outstanding overall water quality.
  • Machine-side systems provide better temperature control, uptime, redundancyand flexibility.


What can Frigel do for you?


From detailed analysis to robust engineering to steadfast service and support, Frigel is here to help you achieve just the right solution for optimal cooling performance in your facility.

Taking into account energy use, installation, maintenance, downtime and service costs, the efficient and modular equipment allows you to increase cooling capacity with investments proportional to your need of the moment.

When considering “Total Cost of Ownership,” here are some of the numerous advantages provided by Frigel’s superior process cooling technology and processes:

1Increase local flow and temperature control
2Reduce scrap
3Enhance chiller operation
4Create redundancy and prevent failure
5Get around-the-clock, local support
6Access full system design drawings
7Monitor remotely via internet
8Realize true innovation that delivers real results